Today is the first day at BABEL festival of outdoor performances in a row. It has already been raining twice. Not knowing if any of these attractions has to be cancelled, it seems to be the right time to think about what such a festival is good for.

During the centuries beginning from the middle ages Targoviste played an important role in Romanian history both politically and culturally. Today the city seemed to be abandoned and having lost its importance.

RANIN, manger of Tony Bulandra Theater and director of the festival, with a lot of experience from inside Romania and abroad has a vision. BABEL fits perfectly into his educational ideas of university teacher and theatre manager. He gathers young folks – this year about 200 – as volunteers to assist festival activates and guests from Romania and especially from aboard.  He has filled the schedule with performances for everybody but on a certain level.


Entertainment of course, but mostly open air. And a lot of theatrical performances internationally connected to great classic names such as Shakespeare,  Chechow, Ibsen, Orwell,  Ionesco, and others of contemporary origin. The youngsters get personally in contact with actors, stage directors and foreign visitors. They can attend all shows, listen to discussions afterwards getting physically and mentally involved with many different kinds of theatre.

Tony Bulandra Theatre is quite young, has already found its fan community during the monthly seasonal performances and at the end of season there is the big bang, BABEL. Reanimate the cultural life in Targoviste that has been sleeping for so long is a hard job and the festival is one important stone in the bridge between theatre and spectators on this way. The rain has stopped, LONG VEHICLE CIRCUS from Czech Republic and Mihai Malaimare’s TEATRUL DE MASCA can start their performances. And in the end of this outdoor day FIESTA DE MARIACHI PARADE with drums and fire surely will delight the hearts of the people.

Dieter Topp, german journalist, guest in BABEL festival