Salta para o Saco` is a funny story that António Torrado took out from the bottomless ark of popular tales. When staged, the facts become more stunning, the dialogues more alive, the adventures more exciting. Soldier João overcomes all the setbacks and oppositions helped by his magic bag. Attention, the show is about to start! St. Peter, the doorman of Heaven, explains to the innocent little angels which are the `sins of the world`. It’s a very amuzing class, especially when the Saint decides to show the theory in practical examples. Leaning high above the clouds, angels and Saint Peter follow the footsteps of a couple. Are they going to get married? Carefully, do not embarrass João or you end up inside the bag, too!

Comuna Teatro de Pesquisa is a theatre company which celebrates 45 years. It is a permanent space for research, birth and growth of new actors and authors. Briefly, a permanent laboratory which can boast with already having three generations of faithful public.

Comuna Teatro de Pesquisa, Portugal

Versiunea scenică, regia, scenografia / Dramaturgy, directing, scenography: João Mota

Music by: Hugo Franco

Cu / With: Hugo Franco, Miguel Sermão, Maria Ana Filipe, Rogério Vale e Gonçalo Botelho

Foto: Teodora Mihaila