Last night at 22.00 in the Big Hall of the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgovişte took place the performance „1969: A space Odyssey? Oditty! „, directed by Yu Murai, KPR Theater in Japan.

The hall was no longer big enough for the fourth day of the Babel Festival. The Japanese have shown us another kind of theater, one in which movement and rehearsal have been key elements. The band was in Romania for the first time and they said that the most important thing for them in their message to the audience is the impact of language. And as this year’s theme of the festival was GESTURE, the artists were well suited to the Babel scenery.

The direction belongs to YU Murai, who said in the presentation of the show that „in the field of arts, theater is the show of bodies”. The audience of this show will experience an expansion of this universe, seeing the actors’ bodies break through a repetition of repression and release, as the light of a star that has gone out reaches us millions of light-years later, the director explained.

Known for his highly energetic, surrealistic and evocative performances, Kaimaku Pennant Race, an artist from the band, said that this production is specially designed for a foreign audience.

And if you watched the videos or you were in the hall, you realized that the audience had experienced another kind of visual expression last night with the show of the guests from Japan. And more than that, the guests were asked to show where is the South, in Romanian, even if the asked one was a Mexican, German, Finnish, Korean … ? The actors succeeded in establishing a connection with the Romanian audience from the very beginning, with the expressions used in our language.

Who doesn’t want to be welcomed by a Japanese with a „Good evening” and a „Thank you” ?!
It can happen to us! Just at the BABEL Festival!

See you again today!

Translation: Lorena Iordache

Romanian version HERE